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In old Sanskrit, Tantra means to warp, weave and stretch...in later Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, Tantra means dealing with techniques and various rituals, including meditation.

Through Tantra, a devotee can expect is to be unblocked from their stress, and channel their thoughts into the good, while their Dakini can help with the arousal process and act as their mentor, guide, Goddess and Guru.

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In the Tantric Arts, each session is never the same and the more a devotee can learn the better. This is done via analysis of situations, conversations and full evaluations.

In Tantra, sessions are, and never should be rushed. Tantra is quite vital and is considered 'an overall teaching.' In Tantra, we as individuals have seven major chakras or 'Energy Points" in the body. During times of kindness and happiness, these energy points are free flowing, however in times of trauma and stress, the chakras become blocked and damaged resulting in chaos and adverse ways.

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In Tantra, a devotee will focus on all seven of these points:

  • Root chakra, known as the red chakra, enables the ability to make one feel grounded.
  • Sacral chakra, known as the orange chakra, enables sexuality and free flowing emotions.
  • Naval chakra, known as the yellow chakra, enables confidence and self esteem.
  • Heart chakra, known as the green chakra, enables love and affection as well as much kindness and harmony.
  • Throat chakra, known as the blue chakra, enables self expression and superior insight about a person's inner self.
  • Third eye chakra, known as the indigo chakra, enables spectacular intuition and fantasy.
  • Crown chakra, known as the violet chakra, enables a person's wisdom and being in tune with not only themselves, but with others to maintain a level harmony.

When our chakras are not balanced, neither are we...it is imperative to keep them in line with Tantra!

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Tantra, Tantric Buddhism and Meditation

Meditation is the act of thinking deeply and at length. Most meditation consists of exercises intended to create a state of peace and relaxation, heightened awareness, or spiritual purification. Much meditation is part of a religious practice, and most major religions have systems of meditation.

In some religions, the individual meditates through the repetition of a specific sound, word or text. For example, Hindus and Buddhists meditate by repeating a sound or verse called a "Mantra." Mantra texts may be enclosed in a metal cylinder called a prayer wheel. Each turn of the wheel symbolically releases a mantra.

Some meditation involves focusing on a certain visual image. In Tantra, the individual concentrates on a sacred diagram of the universe called a mandala.

Objects or physical actions may enhance meditation. Some religions may meditate while reciting and counting prayers. A Hindu system of meditation called 'yoga' involves special sitting positions, breathing control and other physical disciplines.

Meditation resembles a spiritual activity called 'contemplation.' However contemplation seeks a mystical experience rather than relaxation or awareness.

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